Born A Ghost is a collaborative project that combines Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Electronica, and Blackened Death Metal based out of Tacoma, Washington. Born A Ghost was founded by Howard Taylor Jolin, Talmadge Craig Hathaway, and Sergio Vasquez. Influenced by Neurosis and Cult of Luna, Born a Ghost delivers droning guitar riffs with infectious bass and drum lines. Following the recording of their debut album “The Beginning To An Ending” in early 2021, Born A Ghost’s lineup changed, having Talmadge Hathaway pick up secondary guitar duties. To fill in the vacancy on drums, Born A Ghost brought in former 4th Chamber Ritual drummer Latoya Forks.

Born A Ghost plans on releasing their debut album on July 25th, 2021, independently. Following the release of their first album, they plan to rehearse and record live footage. Ultimately, they wish to tour the greater United States and Europe while pursuing relationships with fans, friends, musicians, and business partners alike

  1. 01. Shun the Believer Born A Ghost Buy 4:30
  2. 02. Neurotic Born A Ghost Buy 5:09


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Monster of an EP. unbelievable how these guys could mix literally everything great about post metal, death doom and dark ambient into only two songs, fucking amazing

Kochan – Bandcamp User