Born A Ghost is a collaborative project that combines Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Electronica, and Blackened Death Metal based out of Tacoma, Washington. Born A Ghost was founded by Howard Taylor Jolin, Talmadge Craig Hathaway, and Sergio Vasquez. Influenced by Neurosis and Cult of Luna, Born a Ghost delivers droning guitar riffs with infectious bass and drum lines.

  1. 43 5:53


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Sweet fucking Joseph that’s heavy. 43 offers the fattest guitar tone, the gnarliest vocals and the grittiest mood there is in post metal in 2021.

KeWin – Bandcamp User

From the first moments I knew what was coming – the Old Man Gloom is strong with this one, also reminds me of The Abominable Iron Sloth on downers. INSANE GROOVE, was headbanging so hard that I ended up in intensive treatment.

Ivan Satanov – Bandcamp User